Joe established himself in the 1960s as the first ever common area maintenance contractor in the marketplace. His concept and vision of one company caring for the maintenance requirements of an entire shopping mall in the 60s laid the foundation for an entire industry to follow.  Joe was responsible for the installation of landscapes and trees and as well as ongoing maintenance for all environmental requirements. He supervised a staff of 85 employees during this twenty-five (25) effort.  The phenomenon that followed Joe’s concept of one person being responsible for all components in common areas was instrumental as he entered yet another industry totally unheard of: condominiums and common area maintenance.  The southern United States became for sale one square foot at a time and Joe was at the epicenter of an environmental evolution that continues to this day. Joe was invited to speak at numerous green industry events like the Florida Nurseryman and Growers Association where he introduced the bizarre concept of computers to manage nursery functions, production, ordering and scheduling. His assistant at that particular speaking engagement literally batted away a multiplicity of paper cups which were thrown at him underscoring the attendee’s reaction to the ridiculous idea of a computer replacing a person regarding nursery operations.

Joe’s innovative thinking led yet another ground breaking concept of custom growing trees for builders and developers in advance of their installation in production homes and commercial properties.  Never before had developers thought of having trees ready for installation well in advance of their product being in the actual marketplace.  Joe operated and managed his own nursery which grew and installed thousands of custom grown trees throughout the marketplace.

 Yet another milestone in his industrywide education of trees in the common marketplace.

When the crash of the 70s occurred, and cheap gas was at a premium as evidenced by long lines at gas stations, builders and developers abandoned their production as tumultuous times gripped our economy.  But the halting of construction did not address the thousands of homes that were built and landscaped as speculation homes.  Joe cared for those trees and landscapes until the troubled times were passed.  At the other end of the recession Joe expanded his common area maintenance approach of single point responsibility to include the renovation of abandoned landscapes during the recession.  Joe was responsible for the renovation and maintenance of thousands of homes, condominiums, and rental communities.  Joe installed and maintained over 4,800 trees in the renovated landscapes.

After 25 years of field expertise and application, Joe entered the field of arboreal consulting.  His principal clientele first included the art and science of diagnosing and reversing the decline of commercial landscapes; especially trees as the focal point of all landscapes. Joe’s blue ribbon clientele list included Lloyd’s of London; Zürich International Insurance; Departments of Transportation; US Department of Justice; Housing Opportunities for People Everywhere (H.O.P.E.); The Division of Risk Management; Taylor Woodrow; Beneficial Finance; McDonald’s Corporation, Westinghouse, and scores of additional high profile clientele whose principal investments were in landscaped trees.

Joe soon entered the marketplace of tree appraisals which led to a current eponymous standard of care among the nations upper echelon of attorneys.  Joe has been named as an expert witness in over 800 court cases involving tree valuations.  While many of Joe’s colleagues have as a professional goal publishing a portfolio of $1 million in tree appraisals, Joe has appraised over $200 million of tree values in legal assignments.  While industry professionals have as a professional goal to provide business damage valuations for tree farms, Joe has appraised over 100 commercial nurseries and tree farms regarding business damage valuations in litigated matters.  Joe’s marketplace profile with trees led him to become the president of the Association of Eminent Domain Professionals; the only representative from a non-industry profession ever to hold that seat in the organization’s history.  The organizations presidency typically included certified public accountants, land planners and Members of the Appraisal Institute.  Never before, or sense, has an arborist representing an industry not a profession, held their highest office of president. Joe is recognized as an expert witness in federal; civil; criminal; small claims, and eminent domain courts of law regarding trees.

Joe was the founding president of the Florida Chapter, International Society of arboriculture (ISA). 

He has presented on arboreal topics at over 95 state, regional, and international conferences. Joe has had the honor of presenting at five (5) International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) annual conferences.  Joe’s presentation on arboriculture was the anchor talk at the American Society of Landscape Architects annual conferences for the past 6 years.  He will be presenting twice at this year’s Florida Association of Native Nurseries (FANN) Annual Conference; his third appearance at this annual showcase of native plants in the southeastern United States.

The Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation awarded Joe a provider number to educate landscape architects for their continuing education units.  Joe’s peer-reviewed courses on arboreal issues have provided thousands of landscape architects continuing education in nineteen (19) states.

His presentations on arboreal topics have been awarded continuing education units for  architects, professional engineers, state certified pesticide operators(Bureau of Entomology); Members of the Appraisal Institute (MAI); Department of Insurance; Florida Real Estate Appraisal Board; Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences; Contractors and Builders Association through the Construction Industry Licensing Board; Condominium Associates Institute; the American Institute of Architects (AIA); American Society of Consulting Arborists(ASCA);  International Society of Arboriculture(ISA); American Society of Landscape Architects(ASLA); and attorneys legal education(CLE).

  His acumen in legal matters and tree appraisals was presented at Rutgers University and the University of Florida.  He was the committee chair for arborist licensure from 2005 - 2010.  Joe was education chair for five (5) years for the Florida Chapter, ISA.  Joe developed and hosted a public broadcast system (PBS) video in cooperation with the University of Florida regarding the ANSI A300, Part 2 document. He was the consulting arborist representative for the Florida chapter, ISA from 2002 - 2007.  Joe authored Rule Chapter 1440 of the Florida statutes which provides a formula to appraise the value of trees in Florida. His formula was authorized for the valuation of trees and landscapes in Florida by the Attorney General.  He holds an intellectual copyright issued for the valuation of a tree using the canopy as a basis of value.  This concept was presented at the 2017 International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) annual conference in Washington, DC.  Joe is the recipient of the Edward W Bok award for lifetime achievement in the excellence of arboriculture in Florida. He has received the Florida chapter’s President Award for recognition of outstanding meritorious service in advancing the principles, ideas, and practices of progressive arboriculture. 

Joe mentors numerous arborists and certified pest control operators in an effort to better themselves and their businesses as it relates to trees. He has presented at garden clubs and numerous other philanthropic organizations regarding arboriculture.  His presentations at city councils and County commission meetings have literally changed the course of tree code ordinances.  The city of Tampa, Florida has included Joe’s canopy valuation for tree replacements in lieu of diameter inch replacement criteria.  This formula was also adopted for the tree code ordinances in South Florida; the states most populated region.

After 51 years of practice and dedication to the art and science of trees, and at the age of 72 years old, Joe has drafted a 10 year action plan for his future conduct in the marketplace as it relates to the promotion of trees in the marketplace and to the public.