Certified Arborist

Entering his 51st year in arboriculture and horticulture, Joe’s training, skill, education and experience have positioned him as a dynamic leader in the field of consulting. His experience and foundation in the Green Industry includes his management of a tree farm which custom grew product for developers for use in homes before they were built. His extensive knowledge of common area maintenance of shopping malls and industrial campuses coupled with the restoration of condominium landscapes after the recession of the 80’s lends him great credibility and diversity in the fields of turfgrass and ornamentals. His well published tree preservation techniques are both art and science and have enabled countless developers elusive project permits. Joe was trained by the great attorneys of eminent domain which provided a strong basis of appraisals and approaches to resolution in matters of dispute. His fierce belief in property rights and knowledge of plant and tree appraisals enabled him to be named as an expert in over 800 court cases including civil, criminal, federal and small claims actions. His acumen led him to the presidency of the Association of Eminent Domain Professionals. His knowledge of landscape subject matter culminated in more than 95 International and state speaking conventions. His esoteric thinking culminated in two intellectual patents; one of which became a Rule Chapter in Florida Statues for plant appraisals, and one which lead to the appraisal of trees by canopy size versus trunk diameter. At 72 years of age, Joe has completed a 10-year business plan...



With a strong medical back ground and emphasis to details and methodical execution, Ira’s best and highest use was found as Field Supervisor of the Samnik team. His knowledge of technology represents our client’s best interests in managing and implementing the latest advancements in Arboriculture in a cost effective manner with a profit centered orientation for our clients. Ira mastered the schedule of inventory and analysis of fifteen plant nurseries within an eight month period culminating in significant financial settlements for our eminent domain clientele. He worked as the arborist representative for the largest and second largest developments in Tampa Bay, Florida while managing a commercial portfolio for a multiplicity of investors and developers. Ira works with the finest minds in applied technology such as infra red photography enabling our ability to demonstrate tree health to governmental officials. His excellence in the field as a leader of arborists enables our team to finish first and at a cost below marketplace colleagues in quest for the same assignment. Ira’s knowledge of the legal parameters in tree assessment equals a completed work product that defines excellence while ensuring peace of mind for our clients.


Practice Managment

The basic formula for 50 plus years of success in the competitive marketplace of Arboriculture and horticultural consulting and expert involvement is the depth of the Samnik staff. While the marketplace is ubiquitously populated with one-man shows, the Samnik team has five professionals dedicated to your assignment. Michelle is charged with the responsibility of running a tight and efficient practice management. With a view from the top, Michelle can make most anything occur for our client's needs in an expeditious and efficient manner. She has the authority to execute agreements and may answer for the shop.



Expert Tree Consultant has as the essence of their responsibility, clientele who have received more than that for which they paid. Every outcome for our clients must be superb. This elusive goal has been set for over 50 years of practice. Nannette is the person charged with the leadership role of accomplishing this basic principle. She graduated with an Associate of Arts degree with honors from St. Petersburg College. She completed her bachelor of Applied Science in Managment and Organizational Leadership with a minor in project management.

Dorothy Bonds


With 40 years in accounting and the last 10 with the Samnik Team, Dodie is responsible for the expenditures of the shop and calculations in Business Damage cases. Dodie brings accountability and stability to the staff and to clients where exact calculations are key to resolution.