Expert Tree Consultants

Are you an attorney looking for an expert in trees or other landscape-related matters or an insurance company looking for an expert opinion regarding an appraisal or damage claim?

I serve as a consulting forensic arborist in the areas of trees, landscapes, and related “Green Industry” matters. I have been accepted as an expert witness in over 800 matters in small claims, civil, federal, criminal, and eminent domain courts of law.

From product liability, personal injury, wrongful death, and eminent domain, my representation is almost always 50-50 plaintiff/defendant. My opinion has never been stricken or restricted.

I have been established now for over 50 years, having been trained in eminent domain by the country’s finest property rights attorneys. Eminent domain is an exclusive area of law that deals with property rights and has its own legal precedents that address specific legal decisions regarding trees and plants.

We may have an opportunity of working together with a mutual acknowledgment of the following:

  1. I have the absolute expertise that may be applied to your case. If I do not have that expertise, I shall refer to you an expert who does.
  2. There are no conflicts of interest.
  3. I have the time to devote to your matter.
  4. There is the right chemistry between us as it relates to that which you seek in the legal system.

I do not charge for initial consultations or teleconference meetings. I would welcome pictures or other abbreviated knowledge and materials you may have regarding your case. I will review materials submitted to me as a professional courtesy and under the strictest of confidence. Please do not call to contaminate me. Please do not call if you represent a settlement mill.

I do not require a retainer providing I am doing business with you or your law firm. I do not require a contract. Should you or your firm require a retainer or a written contract, I am happy to oblige you regarding this requirement.

If you have already retained another expert or you pass on retaining me, you may still consider me a resource in the review of matters that you deem pertinent to your case. I would attempt to review another expert’s opinion as a professional courtesy to you and your firm with the understanding that you will not abuse my offer.

I do wish you well with your case. My staff and I are here to assist you in any way possible.

You are always welcome to call me directly on my cell phone: 727-410-5797. Should you prefer to call my office, please do so at 727-786-8128.


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