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A Farewell to Bow Ties

a farewell to bow tiesA farewell to bow ties.

It’s been about 30 years now since that night I came home from an appraisal seminar and declared to my bride that I was going to become the most prolific subject matter expert witness in the Green Industry in the nation.

That was also over 1,200 legal assessments ago, 50% plaintiff and 50% defendant, and over 115 state seminars and regional presentations where I was the guest speaker, including 5 or 6 appearances at the ISA Annual Conference. I was awarded a Provider Number by the Department of Business and Professional Regulation and taught landscape architects required courses including Laws and Rules to keep their licenses active. I spoke at 5 of their annual conferences. I had the only video-approved courses in the marketplace. I have been approved as a subject matter expert witness in Small Claims, Eminent Domain, Federal, and Criminal courts of law. My opinion has never been stricken.

And now it’s time to bid you all a heartfelt thank you as I bid you a farewell from this practice area. No more public speaking events (my last presentation was in Alabama for the University of Auburn) seminars or being named an expert witness. I’m done. I have nothing left to prove and no one left to prove it to. I’ve climbed the highest mountain. My flag is there for anyone to grab. My best to you in any attempts to do so.

After 56 years in business, I’m going to start all over again. From scratch. I will put no money into my new venture. No promoting. No advertising. No marketing.

I’m hopeful that we shall meet again in the “green marketplace,” even though you may not recognize me: I won’t have a bow tie on. To all my detractors, I wish you the very best in your pursuits. May your life be richly rewarded. May your cup runneth over. May your thoughts of ill temper pass quickly.

To my dear friends who I made on the journey and the countless attorneys who made me look smart (which ain’t easily done) and taught me so very, very much, blessings and gratitude to each and all of you. It’s been a thrill of a lifetime thanks to you. Memories I shall never forget.

Thanks so very much.

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