Dangerous Trees, Driveways, and Sewer Lines

February 22, 2022

Dangerous trees, driveways, and sewer lines: In this matter we come to understand that the courts often do not appeal themselves to the emotions of a case or the incidentals such as right and wrong that sometimes differentiate one matter from another. Here we have a plaintiff who owned a big pine tree. Big is […]

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Tree Roots, Property Lines, and Neighbors

February 15, 2022

Tree roots, property lines, and neighbors: Tree roots do not recognize or respect property lines. They regularly cross property lines without conscience or the realization of doing great harm. The question becomes, what to do with them once they do cross a property line and pose a risk to the neighbor or his property.  Root […]

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Way Down Upon a Deadly River …

November 5, 2021

Way down upon a deadly river – a canoe trip and a fallen tree create a sudden and sad ending for a traveler. What better way to spend a lazy afternoon than a downstream trip in a canoe on one of Florida’s many scenic rivers. Beautiful weather 12 months a year. Well-maintained state parks. Crystal-clear […]

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