Ira Padgett

With a strong medical background and emphasis on details and methodical execution, Ira Padgett found his best and highest use as Field Supervisor of the Samnik team.

His knowledge of technology represents our clients best interests in managing and implementing the latest advances in arboriculture in a cost-effective manner with a profit-centered orientation for our clients.

Ira Padgett mastered the schedule of inventory and analysis of 15 plant nurseries within an eight-month period culminating in significant financial settlements for our eminent domain clientele. He worked as the arborist representative for the largest and second largest developments in Tampa Bay, Florida, while managing a commercial portfolio for a multiplicity of investors and developers.

Ira works with the finest minds in applied technology such as infrared photography, enabling our ability to demonstrate tree health to governmental officials. His excellence in the field as a leader of arborists enables our team to finish first and at a cost below marketplace colleagues in quest for the same assignment.

Ira’s knowledge of the legal parameters in tree assessment equals a completed work product that defines excellence while ensuring peace of mind for our clients.