Joe Samnik, Expert Tree ConsultantJoe Samnik

Joe Samnik is entering his 55th year in arboriculture and horticulture. His training, skill, education, and experience have positioned him as a dynamic leader in the field of consulting. His experience and foundation in the Green Industry include his management of a tree farm that custom-grew product for developers for use in homes before they were built.

His extensive knowledge of common area maintenance of shopping malls and industrial campuses, coupled with the restoration of condominium landscapes after the recession of the ’80s, lends him great credibility and diversity in the fields of turfgrass and ornamentals. His well-published tree preservation techniques are both art and science and have enabled countless developers to obtain elusive project permits.

Joe Samnik was trained by the great attorneys of eminent domain, which provided a strong basis of appraisals and approaches to resolution in matters of dispute. His fierce belief in property rights and knowledge of plant and tree appraisals enabled him to be named as an expert in over 800 court cases including civil, criminal, federal and small claims actions.

His acumen led him to the presidency of the Association of Eminent Domain Professionals. His knowledge of landscape subject matter culminated in more than 95 International and state speaking conventions. His esoteric thinking culminated in two intellectual patents, one of which became a Rule Chapter in Florida Statutes for plant appraisals, and the other one led to the appraisal of trees by canopy size versus trunk diameter.